ArtInHCI 2024 Submission Guidelines

ArtInHCI 2024 is soliciting quality original submissions in terms of research novelty, technical excellence, or unique applications in the real world, on two major themes: Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction.

Submission Types

During the submission process, make sure to select one type of submissions from the following 2 options.

Full paper Full paper submissions should be prepared in English (.doc) and formatted according to the formatting instructions in the paper template. Primary screening and peer review will be made. Peer-reviewed accepted and registered papers will be published in ArtInHCI 2024 conference proceedings.
For each accepted paper, at least one author must attend the conference and present the paper. Authors of all accepted papers must prepare a final version for publication, a poster presentation or a short video/live oral presentation.
Abstract Abstract submissions should be prepared in English (DOC or PDF), including Title, Authors, Affiliation(s), Abstract and Keywords. Once approved by the conference committee, the extended abstract can be presented at the conference, but NOT published in proceedings.

Submission Notes

  1. ArtInHCI 2024 prefers applied research outputs in a broader social - or economic context rather than pure theoretical research
  2. Refereeing and citations: Refereeing should be very strict on manuscripts having the majority of citations to the international literature (as opposed to internal documents and not readily available literature). All international references should be properly cited in the text and list in the references list. To avoid ambiguous citing, authors are strongly suggested to provide the DOI's of the referenced documents. Articles with only internal documents refereeing or not readily available literature will be kept from the proceedings.
  3. As an international conference, ArtInHCI 2024 welcomes a fair number of authors and speakers from different countries and nations.

Submission Process

All new manuscripts to ArtInHCI 2024 should be submitted directly via Online Submission System. By using the online submission system, you can access and process your submitted manuscript(s) from anywhere with internet access, and all the records including the files and the exchange of information will be maintained. The whole review process may take about 1 month, including first-round comments, authors' modification, further comments and acceptance.

Step 1.To keep scientific integrity, one of our editors will check if it has potential problem of plagiarism. Papers not passing the plagiarism check will be desk rejected immediately.

Step 2.Then the editor will conduct initial check to ensure the submission falls within the scope of the conference and decide if it merits further review in 1-2 working days after submission. Once passed the initial check, the manuscript will be assigned to reviewers for double-blind peer review.

Step 3.Each selected submission will be reviewed by at least two or three independent expert reviewers in the field on originality, validity, quality and academic merit, and readability.

Step 4.The peer review reports received from the experts will be judged by the editor with international scientific standards.

Step 5.The logical and valid peer review reports will be sent to the authors for them to revise the manuscript accordingly. For invalid reports, the editor may either assign a new reviewer or make a judgement based on his/her own.

Step 6.Authors are required to respond to the peer review comments in details and revise their paper according to the points raised.

Step 7.The revised manuscript will then be evaluated by the editor whether the points raised by the reviewers have been fully addressed or not.

Step 8.Then the editor will send the revised manuscript to the reviewers again for re-evaluation.

Step 9.If the reviewers approve the revised version of the manuscript, then the Editor-in-Chief will make a final decision on acceptance for the publication.


All submitted articles should report original research results, experimental or theoretical, not previously published or under consideration for publication elsewhere. Articles submitted to the conference should meet these criteria. We firmly believe that ethical conduct is the most essential virtue of any academics. Hence, any act of plagiarism or other misconduct is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Publishing Ethics for Authors

Authors are committed to the following ethical standards and instructions, in compliance with the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

  • Originality, Plagiarism and Multiple Submission

    Declare that they have written entirely original works and appropriately cited or quoted the work and/or words of others, and that the manuscript is not published elsewhere, nor under consideration for publication elsewhere.

  • Authorship

    Check all co-authors meet criteria for authorship and ensure appropriate acknowledgements made in the manuscript.

  • Conflicts of Interest

    Authors should disclose any conflicts of interest that may influence the findings or the interpretation of the article to the editors as soon as possible.

  • Availability and Accessibility of Research Data

    Authors should indicate in the submitted article where the data and the scripts for analyses are available and accessible.

  • Fundamental Errors in Published Articles

    Authors should inform the publisher if errors are subsequently found in research.

More in-depth or specific information on ethics can be found at

Flow Chart for Full Paper submissions

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